Our Lemon Bubbly takes inspiration from the dry Italian sparkling wine,
Prosecco. We add a splash of limoncello for a bright and effervescent
combination with notes of meyer lemon, grapefruit, and honey.33.4% ALC BY VOL in pod, 8.4% ALC BY VOL as served.
Made with Limoncello Liqueur and White Grape Wine


Our Rosé Spritzer is a dry, Provence-style wine. Its effervescence
accentuates notes of strawberry and watermelon for a light yet
flavorful finish, at just 80 calories.
22.4% ALC BY VOL in pod, 5.6% ALC BY VOL as served.
Made with Grape Neutral Spirits, Rosé Wine, Natural Flavors, and colored with Fruit Juices


Our Peach Sangria is of the white wine variety, combining crisp Sauvignon
Blanc with notes of peach and fruits. Naturally sweet and sessionable, it
brings a feeling of summer effervescence to any occasion.
37.4% ALC BY VOL in pod, 9.4% ALC BY VOL as served.
Made with Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Peach Liqueur, Natural Flavors, and Caramel Color.


Our Red Sangria starts with Grenache wine. We then add a delicious
blend of fruit flavors and a splash of sweet Triple Sec to complement
the wine's berry character.
39.9% ALC BY VOL in pod, 10.0% ALC BY VOL as served.
Made with Grenache Wine, Triple Sec, Natural Flavors and Certified Colors.
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