The Large Pour Margaritas Variety Pack offers two of our favorite cocktails in double the size! Perfect for enjoying outside by the pool or on Taco Tuesday, these larger format cocktails are the perfect pick for all the margarita lovers.

Includes two (2) of each of the following LARGE POUR drinks:

Our Classic Margarita features tequila made from the choicest part of the agave, the piña. It is then twice distilled in traditional pot stills to mellow the flavor. Lime juice is added and a touch of simple syrup to add a bit of sweet to the tart.

The Paradise Collection Strawberry Margarita puts a fruity spin on this popular cocktail, adding sweetness and refreshment to keep you cool on the beach all day long. Now with double the pour!

Serve both in a 20oz. glass.

Margaritas Variety Pack
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